Evangelist Mike Hutsell was born November 21, 1953 in Waynesville, Missouri
and resides in Harrison, AR. He married Brenda McIntyre July 29, 1972 and they
have four children, all are married with children of their own.
Mike & Brenda, have 10 grandchildren 5 boys, and 5 girls.

Evangelist Mike Hutsell has an earned Bachler’s degree in Theology from
West End Baptist Bible College of Easely, SC and an honorary Doctorate of Divinity
degree  from North Tennessee Bible Institute & Seminary St. George Island, FL.

Brother Hutsell is currently Pastoring the Oak Lane Church in Harrison, AR and is also,
serving as an evangelist and working a missions program in Kenya, Africa.

Brother Hutsell has conducted many revival meetings among Free Will Baptists,
Southern Baptists, Independent Baptists, Pentecostal and Assembly church groups, non &
interdenominational churches, through the years. He has always enjoyed working with a diversity of groups.
He has preached in retreats, evangelism conferences, camp meetings, children & youth camps.

Brother Mike enjoys as a hobby playing golf, fishing, watching the St. Louis Cardinals baseball games,
and college football. He likes reading about history and  books by great preachers of the past.