Salvation is by grace through faith in the Lord Jesus Christ.
To obtain this salvation, one must confess and repent of their
sins and make a public profession of their faith in Jesus Christ
as their Savior.

Baptism by water immersion should follow and then the new
convert should unite with a fundamental Bible believing church.

A daily reading and study of the Bible, the word of God will strenghten 
faith as well, as a daily prayer life, whereby, we may have communion
with our Lord Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ will @ the end of the age rapture His church and all will
stand before the Lord in Judgment to receive according to everyone’s
faith & work.
The redeemed shall receive eternal glory in heaven and the unsaved
will receive separation in eternal hell.

God loves all people in the universe and we must take this wonderful
gospel to all lands that all may have the privilege of eternal life.